Dashboard is available at if you are connected to the VPN. Read the User Manual to get started.

Please note that the AI Division OpenStack must only be used for ephemeral computational jobs due to limited hardware resources. You must free resources as soon as your workload is finished.

This table shows the current availability of graphic cards. Each line shows the number of instances that can be created with a specific flavor. Flavors are named in the form of GPU-NODE.

How to use this table? Look at the numbers in the second column. This is the availability NOW. Select a graphic card – node pair you want from these that have current availability greater than zero.

After you create a new instance you will see the availability of a selected flavor drop by one. It may take a couple of seconds until the numbers change.



Key differences

This new OpenStack differs from the previous one at legat. The key differences are:

* This way you can easily create a new instance of an arbitrary flavor. No more issues with unshelving if there are no more available instances of selected flavor. Deleting an instance does not delete data, because data is persisted on volumes.

** This prevents creating an instance that cannot be accessed via SSH.