Please note that the AI Division VPN is not a VPN in the same sense as the commercially available VPNs. When connected, only traffic to Division’s servers is routed through the VPN. This is specified by the AllowedIPs directive in the WireGuard configuration. The VPN replaces SSH proxy and eliminates the need for an account on a server. You can modify the AllowedIPs ranges to gain access to any server in the AI Division network.

Getting access to the VPN

WireGuard beginners

First, install WireGuard tools. The method depends on your platform. Please refer to wireguard.com/install.

Now proceed by choosing your platform:

There are no instructions for other platforms yet. Sorry, you are on your own.

Advanced WireGuard users

Send your public key to robert.nowak@pw.edu.pl using this email template. Use the following configuration file, having replaced fff...= with your private key and 10.221.0.x with the address you get in response to your email.

Attention! SSH keys and WireGuard keys are not mutually compatible. If you are not familiar with WireGuard read the previous section.
Address = 10.221.0.x/32
PrivateKey = fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff=

# Name = ai
PublicKey = mAfTPSnzD99ulwhhJX7ZgIUzfVl48nFLg1XlCBdloWY=
Endpoint = ai.ii.pw.edu.pl:51820
AllowedIPs =,,