Connecting on Windows

Generating a key pair

Open the WireGuard application and click the arrow next to Add Tunnel on the bottom of the tunnel list.

Click Add empty tunnel...

A window will open. It will contain your new public key and private key. Please take note of the entire private key. Be sure to copy the entire private key. Some of it is hidden due to text overflow.

Notice! WireGuard keys are different from SSH keys. Please generate WireGuard keys.

Configure the connection

Set the tunnel name. You can choose any name. I will use ai.

Make sure you have taken note of your private key. Delete the content of the big input field, copy the contents below and paste them into the big input field.

Address =
PrivateKey = fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff=

# Name = ai
PublicKey = mAfTPSnzD99ulwhhJX7ZgIUzfVl48nFLg1XlCBdloWY=
Endpoint =
AllowedIPs =,,

Replace fff...= with your private key.

Save the tunnel by clicking Save.

Submit your public key

Send the public key via a plaintext email to from your university email Please provide the following information:

Here is a handy email template:

Subject: VPN key submission

I'm a diploma student / PhD student / employee.
My supervisor is: Aaa Bbbbbbbb
My public key is: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx=
Or if you prefer polish
Subject: Klucz VPN

Jestem dyplomantem / doktorantem / pracownikiem.
Moim opiekunem jest: Aaa Bbbbbbbb
Mój klucz publiczny to: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx=

You will get a response with an IP address. You will need it in the next step.

Substitute the IP address

Edit the tunnel by clicking Edit on the lower right.

Substitute by your new IP address. Be sure to not edit anything else, especialy Address = and /32 at the end.

Save the tunnel by clicking Save.

Connect to the VPN

Click Activate and watch the state of the connection. It should become Active.

If your connection becomes inactive due to a reboot, just click Activate again.

Verify connection

If you can access then the VPN connection is up.

Thanks to Muhammad Farhan Safdar for verifying these instructions.